Pet Home Visits

For Those Additional Pet Needs

Some pets just love company, or they may live in an apartment and need to be taken for a toilet break. Perhaps they would love a cuddle and a refresh of their water bowl, or maybe they need to have their medication administered.

I offer a 30 minute home visit service to cover those additional pet needs. 

Daily visit: $30 

If you are worried about your dog being alone for the entire day, or when we are experiencing extreme heat during summer, this is a great option for you!

Note: Veterinary instructions are to be supplied with medications.

Thunderstorm Forecast

Dogs that are frightened of thunderstorms will do anything to escape the thunderstorm, which unfortunately means breaking out of the place they are actually the safest in. If a thunderstorm has been forecast and you are unable to get home from work, I will pop over to your house, settle your pup and put them inside to ensure they are safe.

$30 per 30 minute visit

Puppy Home Visits

Have a new puppy and can't stay home from work?

Depending on their age, puppies should be given up to three meals a day. Passion For Pooches offer a puppy feeding, play and toilet service.

30 minutes: $30 - includes an optional short training session to strengthen what your puppy has been learning at puppy school.

One hour: $50 - includes a short walk from your home, and an optional short training session to strengthen what your puppy has been learning at puppy school.

Yard Dog Wash

Sometimes it's not necessary to take your dog to a groomer, or you may find it difficult due to injuries to wash your dog. I want to help out where I can and offer a yard dog wash and towel dry for your pooch in your home.

$30 per 20 minutes, charged in 20 minute increments.

Dog or Cat Brush

As an owner of a dog that sheds their fur all year round, and a white fluffy Birman cat that suffers from  dreaded furballs, I understand the importance of regular brushing. But I am also aware that it just slips your mind a lot of the time!

If you find that you are in the same situation, give us a call, I am happy to offer our services to help!

$20 per 15 minutes, charged in 15 minute increments.

Please note: Sundays & Public Holidays incur a $10.00 surcharge for all services.


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